Deaths that Occured at the Address whether by Murder, Suicide, Accidental or Natural
Meth Activity, including Labs,'Dumpsites' or 'Chemical and Glassware'
Fire Related Incidents Occurring at the Address
Names Associated to the Address
Sex Offender Registry
Property Information

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State Stigmatized Property Disclosure Law:

New York law does not consider any death in the home to be "material fact"; therefore it is not required to be disclosed. If a buyer asks, and the seller knows, then they should answer truthfully, but no legal action shall be brought against the seller and agent for failing to disclose.

  • NY has a population of roughly 19,746,227 people
  • There are roughly 8,191,040 housing units in NY
  • 88% of NY residents live in the same house with others
  • The average household in NY consists of 2 residents
  • There were 1,708 suicides reported in NY in 2012