Property Investors bought this home in Thornton, PA aware of the tragic Murder-Suicide that occurred there in 2006 for a reduced price of $450,000 in Jan. 2007. Just seven months later in Aug. 2007 they sold the house to an unsuspecting woman relocating from California with her two children for $610,000. They did not inform her of the property's dark history. The PA Supreme Court ruled that the sellers did not have to disclose the murder-suicide to the buyer. Would you want to know that information before you decided to make an offer to buy? If so, why? To avoid paranormal activity, living in a home with a dark history and local tourist attraction, to negotiate a reduced price or all of the above?

Pennsylvania Real Estate Seller Disclosure Law. 68 Pa. C.S. 7301 states that seller must disclose any material defects by completing the property disclosure form. 68 Pa. C.S. 7303. Death no matter how it occurred is not considered a "material defect", therefore it is not required to be disclosed and no legal action can be taken for not disclosing.

Each Report Includes Past Fire Related Incidents, Reported Meth Lab Activity, Records of Death Occurrences and a List of Names Associated to the Address!

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