Curiosity Can Help Find Murder Houses to Flip image Can Help Find Murder Houses to Flip

14 Apr 2020

Quibi, is a new streaming service that presents captivating “quick bites” of entertainment presented in 10 minutes or less. The services cost $4.99 per month with ads or $7.99 per month without ads. In April, 2020 the service debuted a new home renovation show named, Murder House Flip. This unconventional twist to home makeover shows, highlights houses where murders occurred and attempts to remove the stigma caused by it’s troubled history.

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Fear of Ghosts and the Dark, Can Lead to Insomnia image

Fear of Ghosts and the Dark, Can Lead to Insomnia

24 Jan 2020

One in four Americans Develop Insomnia each year

Years ago, when I was nervously preparing to leave for basic training, my father advised me to sleep every chance I got. I was a young man, and sleep was usually something I did on Monday evening after my brain and body finally forced me to crash. None-the-less, I took his advice, and now believe, the extra rest I received was the primary reason I was able to stay focused, calm, and collected during all of the stress my drill instructors placed on me. Recent findings suggest that sleep plays a housekeeping role that removes toxins in your brain that build up while awake. [i] Now around the age my father was when he passed down his wisdom, I know more than ever, the importance sleep plays to be able to function properly during the day, to stay healthy, and safe. Without the proper amount of sleep, I just seem a little off of my game, in a fog, and slower to react.  

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