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22 Jan 2021

Roy Condrey founded back in 2012 after his tenant in Irma, South Carolina, complained of ghosts and he started to research the possibility of deaths on the property. Like hiring a private investigator for your home, when Condrey's team isn't working diligently on your home's history, you'll find them featuring America's creepiest murder homes on their Instagram.

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Quarantined in a Haunted House? image

Quarantined in a Haunted House?

7 May 2020

Does being quarantined and isolated in your house for weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic have you feeling like Jack Torrance in the movie The Shining? Well, we sure hope not, but if you are, seek help immediately! 

Hopefully you are not having a nervous breakdown like Mr. Torrance, but simply experiencing unexplained events, and curious to find out if your house is haunted? If you suspect your house is haunted, you are not alone. A 2007 Associated Press poll found that 1/3 of Americans admit to believing in Ghosts.... we wonder how many do not admit it. Also, a survey by suggested about 30% surveyed are open to living in a haunted house, while 42% said they would never consider it. 

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