Affiliate Program Now Offers an Affiliate Marketing Program!

Earn extra money by selling reports! Now Offers an Affiliate Marketing Program for anyone interested in earning money by selling reports. As an affiliate, you will earn 20% commission on any purchase you refer to After completing a simple online affiliate registration form, you will receive a unique URL. Next, share your unique URL however you choose to drive traffic to If the viewer you send to purchases a report, you will earn 20% commission of the sale. You will then receive a monthly secure payment using PayPal. Its an easy setup with no fees and we provide you with a secure online dashboard to monitor your progress and view your monthly payouts. Do you run a podcast, YouTube channel, or have another similar social media platform? We have promo codes available too, that are linked directly to your affiliate account.

  • 1 Search for $11.99 = $2.40 Commission
  • 3 Searches for $29.99 = $6.00 Commission
  • 5 Searches for $48.99 = $9.80 Commission
  • 10 Searches for $95.99 = $19.20 Commission
More Details on Promo Codes: With an Affiliate Promo Code, you're now able to refer customers to and earn a commission on purchases made with your promo code. The Affiliate Promo Codes were made for affiliates that run a podcast, YouTube channel, or other similar social media platform. The Affiliate Promo Codes are set up to both give the customer a discount and also give you a commission. Your 20% commission can be broken up however you choose (for example, 5% customer discount with the promo code and 15% commission for yourself). 
An example Affiliate Promo Code would be:
  • Code: PodcastTitle10
  • Customer Discount: 10%
Upon a customer using this promo code at checkout, they would receive 10% off their purchase and you'd receive 10% commission.

Thank you for your interest in's Affiliate Marketing Program! 

The Affiliate Marketing Team
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