2015 Reports Now Include Past Fire Related Incidents

All Reports Now Include Past Fire Related Incidents, as well as Reported Meth Activity, A List of Names Associated to the Address and Records of Death Occurrences! Before You Buy a Home, Get Informed About Everything! Use to Learn the History of the House. 

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Did Someone Die in Your Home? Find Out With DiedInHouse - Aftermath

Did Someone Die in Your Home? Find Out With DiedInHouse

By Aftermath Trauma Cleaning & Biohazard Removal Specialists April 17, 2015

Maybe you’ve seen the trailer for the new Poltergeist movie and noticed at the end a web address for a company called DiedinHouse. While some consider the concept morbid, knowing whether or not someone may have died in your home can do more than just provide peace of mind. It can also give potential buyers leverage in a sale, notify them of a possible stigmatized property, and help current home owners make wise decisions about biohazard cleanup.

The DiedinHouse service is easy to use, and most results are returned within minutes. Data is available for homes in all 50 states. Customers simply input their address on the main site, and for $11.99, they receive a report that includes details of deaths or meth-related activity having occurred in the home. It also includes a list of the home’s former occupants, and any additional findings are sent to the customer for a 30 day period. Those who are searching for a home have the option of purchasing packages that include several searches, which can save them money if they intend to check multiple properties.

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Are You Living In A Former Meth House?

Are You Living In A Former Meth House?

By Kristy Hessman is the Lead Writer for @HotPads @Zillow and is a renting and moving expert, having lived in 19 rentals in seven cities across the U.S.

No matter how safe Walter White may have made the cooking of meth look on Breaking Bad, the real life process is dangerous and potentially deadly, even to those not directly involved.

“Chemicals such as acetone, phosphine, hydrochloric acid, lye, sulfuric acid and ammonia are all released into the home during the cooking process,” said Jeremy Shelton, a Certified Microbial Consultant who routinely tests homes across America’s Southeast for exposure. “The chemicals used are extremely dangerous and can cause serious respiratory problems, cancer, and in some cases death.”

Unfortunately, state regulations vary when it comes to the requirements of disclosing the history of former meth houses, as well as the clean up of such homes, so those buying or renting in a residence formerly used as a meth lab might never know about its past.

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‘Stigmatized’ Homes can be a Bargain and Great Investment!

‘Stigmatized’ Homes can be a Bargain and Great Investment

In real estate, a stigmatized property is a property which buyers or tenants may shun for reasons that are unrelated to its physical condition or features. These can include death of an occupant, murder, suicide, serious illness such as AIDS, and belief that a house is haunted.

We at hear from quite a few people that claim they would not have any problems with purchasing a stigmatized property, especially if they could get a really great deal.  According to a 2013 Haunted Housing Report, "62 Percent of Respondents are Open to Purchasing a Haunted Home".

Stigmatized homes can be a bargain and a great investment.  A buyer can expect to pay 10 to 25 percent off regular market prices for stigmatized homes, said real estate consultant Randall Bell of Bell Anderson & Saunders, which specializes in assessing disaster-damaged properties and murder homes.

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2015 Reports Now Include Reported Meth Lab Activity!

All Reports Now Include Reported Meth Activity, Including Labs, "Dumpsites" or "Chemical and Glassware" Seizures!

Similar to deaths, methamphetamine (meth) is a factor that stigmatizes a property and is not always required to be disclosed.

Having headaches, sore throats and difficulty breathing after moving in are all symptoms of possible meth exposure.

If a meth contaminated property is not properly decontaminated a person living in that property could experience long term chronic exposure to toxic chemicals that can result in cancer, damage to the brain, liver and kidneys, birth defects, and reproductive problems, such as miscarriages.

Basically there are two things to consider with regards to meth activity at an address. First there is a law to disclose to future residents and second a regulation to clean a property contaminated by meth. The following is the break by the number of states that either have a law and/or follow the regulation:

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