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‘Stigmatized’ homes can be bargains

In real estate, a stigmatized property is property which buyers or tenants may shun for reasons that are unrelated to its physical condition or features. These can include death of an occupant, murder, suicide, serious illness such as AIDS, and belief that a house is haunted.

We at DiedinHouse.com hear from quite a few people that claim they would not have any problems with purchasing a stigmatized property, especially if they could get a really great deal. Realtor.com® stated that "62 Percent of Respondents are Open to Purchasing a Haunted Home" that is according to a 2013 Realtor.com Haunted Housing Report.

Stigmatized homes can be a bargain and are a great investment.A buyer can expect to pay 10 to 25 percent off regular market prices for stigmatized homes, said real estate consultant Randall Bell of Bell Anderson & Saunders, which specializes in assessing disaster-damaged properties and murder homes.

Sellers and agents do not typically advertise or mention these stigmas in their property listings. In most states a death in a home is not required to be disclosed to the buyer, no matter if it was a violent murder or tragic suicide.In over 25 states even previous meth lab activity is not required to be disclosed.You could be making an offer on a home that has a dark past, and not even know it. If you were aware of the stigmas associated to the home, you could potentially negotiate a reduced price.

If owning a stigmatized property would not make you uneasy, you are in luck.  DiedinHouse.com can provide you with a list of stigmatized homes in your target area. These would be homes that have either a death, meth activity or a fire associated to them.  Knowledge is Power!

To Get a List of Stigmatized Homes in your area, Contact us at: info@DiedinHouse.com