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1) Would it bother you if you found out that someone died in the house that you bought or rented?

a. Yes, go to
b. No, go to step 2

2) If not, is it because you assume that they died peacefully; what if it was a murder and/or suicide? Would that bother you?

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b. No, go to step 3

3) If not, would it bother your wife and/or your children?

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b. No, go to step 4

4) If not, do you care that it could possibly affect your property value or time to sell? According to a study by two business professors at Wright University, houses where murder or suicide have occurred can take 50% longer to sell, and at an average of 2.4 percent less than comparable homes. A California appraiser who specializes in diminution in value issues says that a well-publicized murder generally lowers selling price 15 to 35 percent.¹

a. Yes, go to
b. No, go to step 5

5) If not, as a used home buyer or property investor would you want to use the leverage of a death in a house to have the asking price be reduced 2.4% to 35%?

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b. No, you do not need, thank you for running through the questionnaire. Please inform anyone about us that you may think could use our service.

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