About Us:

Using a valid U.S. address, Died in House™ instantly searches millions of records to determine if a death has occurred at that location.  A Died in House™ report may return the following information: 

  • Has a death occurred?
  • Who died at that house?
  • When did the person die?
  • What was the cause of death?
  • List of Previous Residents
  • Vitality Status of Previous Residents
  • Additional information about the death
  • Reported Meth activity, including labs, "dumpsites" or "chemical and glassware" seizures

DiedinHouse.com was founded in 2013 by a software development company based in Chapin, SC. The Died in House™ service is the first of its kind; it provides users with death records associated to a specific address. The system instantly searches over 118 million records and that number continues to grow daily. The company is not only focusing on increasing the amount of data, but also increasing the age of their data. The Died in House™ system contains data for all 50 states. We are in the process of making the Died in House™ service available in other countries. 

"Ask Your Agent, Seller or Landlord for a DiedInHouse.com Report or Discreetly Purchase a Report Yourself Before You Sign a Lease or Offer Letter."